I want to take a moment to say how much we enjoyed
our 'host-a-coach' experience this past week.  It was our first experience with this program and our entire family enjoyed it greatly.  Our three coaches ( Matt Payne, Ben Rogers and Sam Sharpe) were considerate and well-mannered, in addition to being a lot of fun!  We have 6 children and so many of our friends were incredulous that we would take three coaches also!  After this last week, I wouldn't have it any other way!  The kids enjoyed Nerf gun tag, video games, soccer, basketball, and just hanging out with these young men.  The week passed by so quickly, I don't know if these guys had a chance to know the impression they made on my children, but there was a lot of sadness after they left. 

Again, I want to commend Ben, Sam and Matt for being such a welcome addition to our family and to the "Host-a-coach" program for selecting such fine young people to represent them. 
• Lynn Bova - Ventura, CA (Ayso Region 39)



We hosted three coaches in July; Miggy, James, and Will, and it was the most fun we've had all summer. They were so nice, polite, and it felt like we've known them forever!  Our boys connected with them immediately.  We were so sad to see them leave as they had become a part of our family.   We are excited that we will be doing this again in August.  We can't wait!

• Gary and Sonya Conklin - Mission Viejo



We got a lovely thank-you gift from UK Socca for hosting coaches this past season.  I want you to know that we will certainly take advantage of the gift (so thanks!), but also that we thank you for giving us the opportunity to get to know such wonderful guys.  You know we loved Reece, but we also became really fond of all his buddies that we met and hung out with--they are all really great people.  I feel like Max had some strong role models with them and that he matured as a result of having them around.  We are all eager to do this again, so please put our name on the list of hosts again next season.


• Laurie Wolfey, CT


This email is from the Holden family. We hosted Shaun Russell and Tom Mercy the week of August 6. This is our second time hosting a UK coach and once again it was memorable! Both Shaun and Tom were very friendly, helpful and easy to be around. The only difficulty we ran into was getting them to relax their manners and just do as they needed (i.e. use the phone, get a drink, something to eat, etc.) We enjoyed taking them around the area and showing them our culture. We took them to Mt. Saint Helens and on the long ride they were both VERY entertaining and made the trip so much more enjoyable. We will alway remember them fondly.


• Heidi Holden



I wanted to let you know how much our family enjoyed hosting Kevin Motion. We cannot say enough good things about him. He was an absolute joy to have as a houseguest. He spent all his spare time with our family. He ate everything we ate, he went everywhere we went and was extremely appreciative of everything. He spent lots of time with our kids, Grant and Alexa, doing anything they wanted to do. He was great with Grant and Alexa, complimenting them on everything they did and encouraging them to continue with sports.
If there is any way Kevin could come back to the August camp at Stephenson Elementary school, we would love to have him stay with us again. (Grant said he sign up for the August camp only if Kevin was coaching and he could stay at our house!)

• The Stalsberg Family - Tim, Gina, Alexa and Grant



I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed hosting Matt Bowden, Paul Winterflood, and Jake Higgitt during the Layton Utah camp session. They spent a great deal of their free time chatting with our family, playing games with our boys, learning about our culture and sharing theirs. They were polite and courteous at all times and were a joy to have in our house. Jake, Paul, and Matt are delightful young men and we had a terrific time getting to know them. I would gladly host a UK coach (or two or three!) again next year and would highly recommend it to any family participating in the program. Thank you for a wonderful experience for my entire family.

• Cathie Zimmerman


Andy was great to have with us. He was very courteous and respectful. He had breakfast and dinner at our house. We were able to have some fun nights while he was here. He was great with Alec (our 7 year old). We went to miniature golf, bowling, and to an A's game. We would welcome him back anytime. It was the experience we were hoping for. If you are looking for more specific information, just let me know.


• Karen Uyematsu


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