Coach And Family Housing Memories


UKISC Coach: Rhona Higgins, 24 years old, from West Kilbride - Scotland


Week three into my fall programme and I was introduced to my new host family - The Hancocks! Something happened that I've never quite experienced with another family (don't get me wrong I've had some great families in the past) but, we clicked straight from the off, I felt at home and they were just amazing people! We did the normal things like any other family would do: spend days at the beach, have ice-cream, play sports, have neighbourhood bbqs, spend time at the pool but, there was something special about these guys and I felt like I'd known them for ever, we had a great laugh and they enjoyed learning the scottish slang words (the homework board was wiped so I could have my own blackboard)! I taught them a new word was a great time listening to them imitate my scottish accent!


I was only supposed to stay with them for a week but, they wanted me to stay longer and in the end I stayed for the last 5 weeks of my program, which I was incredibly happy about! The Hancocks told me I always had a home with them which really touched me and I've kept in touch with them since last year. I sent the kids Christmas presents and letters from home and I received an amazing care package with lots of amazing things for Christmas and my birthday! I would have stayed on a garage floor just to be with these guys thats how much I loved spending time with them and they are part of my family now! RHONA HIGGINS,24, West Kilbride,




UKISC Coach: Stuart Barlow, 26 years old, from Middlesbrough - England


One of my favourite host family experiences was staying with the Barry family in San Francisco, the family took me to my first ever baseball game and its an experience I will never forget.




UKISC Coach: Matthew Pook, 24 years old, from Wellington, Somerset - England


I have a few host family memories that I will cherish forever, whilst in Pennsylvania last summer (2011) I was lucky enough to stay with the Oakman family. The Oakman's took me and a fellow coach to a freshwater lake hidden away in the countryside. We went swimming, fishing for crayfish and enjoyed an awesome BBQ/ picnic, furthermore they took us canoeing up the river for miles and seeing even more of the forest that was hidden away.

My second experience is in regard to my very first Thanksgiving in America, it will always be remembered for the vast amount of food, great company, and fun on the football field. The day started at 7am, with around 30 family members of the O'Rourke family from Chicago, we travelled to the suburbs for the Annual Turkey Bowl Football game. Everyone then returned to the house for the Thanksgiving meal which seemed to last a lifetime, the amount of food was incredible!



UKISC Coach: Adam Hewitt, 21 years old, from Lincoln - England

My first weeks camp in Tucson, AZ, with myself and Juan Carlos Amaros with The August family. This was my first time in the states and I was aprehensive about living with a host family. However by the end of my stay it felt like they were my family and it was hard to say goodbye! We had a busy week as we were working a double camp but often after we had finish we would sit with the family, simply chatting and exchanging life stories. By the end of the week I felt as if I had lived there for months, myself and Juan would spend our time in between morning and evening camp with the children, often swimming and watching the daughter, Allison, practice volleyball. We taught the family some words they would never have used before e.g jumper (sweater) and the term 'Uni' short for university! And they introduced us to their way of life in the states!
We still keep in touch now and I would love to see the family again.


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